番号搜索网站番号搜索网站 Additionally, the company offers creative marketing services to other small businesses: brand identity, Public relations, and business consulting. Over 70% of our clients are women-owned companies with a social cause or a non-profit. With over 20 years of experience in the creative marketing industry and community engagement, owner, Felicia Wright enjoys mentoring other women + girls of color, empowering them to confidently embrace WHO they are as individuals.“Confidence is your #1 asset…wear it well!”

Felicia’s keen listening skills give her the ability to be a major visionary; empowering her clients to excel as leaders. 85% of her clients have seen an increase in overall brand awareness which ultimately leads to an increase in their bottom line. These statistical numbers are not only beneficial to potential clients but through in-depth coaching, Felicia is able to help her clients gain clarity on their own brand and implement?the strategies they need to be successful. If you are {seriously} committed to financially and wholeheartedly moving forward in your personal and professional journey, connect with Felicia?TODAY!

We {primarily} work with:
? Mompreneurs
? Women of color organizations
? Non-profit organizations

We specialize in:
? Branding: Logo development and print collateral
? Public Relations:? Connect your brand to the right audience through media
? Consulting : Expert advice to help implement an effective? plan
? Facilitating :
Available for events as a facilitator or panelist
(click here for Mrs. Wright’s speaker’s bio)


Certifications AND Memberships:
? MBE with Duval County Public Schools
? MBE with the State of Florida
??Jacksonville Women’s Business Center