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6 Ways You Can Make America Functional Again

小说乱伦Paul Graham, cofounder of Y Combinator, wrote in a thoughtful essay:"There are two distinct ways to be politically moderate: on purpose and by accident. Intentional moderates are trimmers, deliberately choosing a position mid-way between the extremes of right and left. Accidental moderates end up [...continue reading]

Startup New York venture capital firm seeking summer/fall virtual interns

Company overviewSOP Capital is a new, early-stage, New York-based VC focused on East Coast companies.? The firm particularly has interest in fintech, edtech, and salestech. For more on the firm's core theses, see investment theses .?SOP’s founder is David Teten, previously a Partner with HOF [...continue reading]

Alternatives to College: Get Paid to Learn

As part of the research for my forthcoming book, tentatively titled Kickstart: Use Your Education to Accelerate Your Career, I've been researching alternatives to college. Given how COVID is impacting universities, I think people are being forced to reconsider the real value of traditional [...continue reading]

Asset Managers, Prepare to Have Your Business Disrupted

On June 25, I'm speaking to the Stamford Fintech Meetup on "Asset Managers, Prepare to Have Your Business Disrupted". This is based on my Institutional Investor cover story: “Asset Managers, Prepare to Have Your Business Disrupted”, cowritten with Katina Stefanova (CEO/CIO, Marto Capital; former [...continue reading]

New techniques for identifying macro themes and trade ideas

I am presenting at the AI and Data Science in Trading conference (June 26) on new methods to identify macro trends (especially technology macro trends), and more narrowly trade ideas for public market investors. I'm drawing from my research on origination for private equity/VC funds; how large [...continue reading]

Get ready: Making your apartment building resilient to COVID

I’m gearing up for a very difficult and abnormal time in the US.? I’ve been thinking about how to make our apartment building, our houses of worship, and more generally our communities more resilient to COVID-19.? We all rely on a range of companies and people around us: doorman, deliverypeople, [...continue reading]

An Investor’s Personal Social Media Tech Stack: In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 followers

What tech stack should a microinfluencer use?Most investors including me spend most of our day doing the same things people have always done in the job: in my case, due diligence, deal execution, etc.? However, being a “microinfluencer” is now also part of the job description.?In the future, [...continue reading]

New video: Private equity origination best practices

A few weeks ago I presented on "Where Are the Deals? Best Practices of Private Equity Funds in Origination" at the Wells Fargo SBIC Symposium, an event for their portfolio funds.? I focused on using technology for sourcing. ?I've posted below the video and slide deck. [...continue reading]