龙泽罗拉迅雷种子We are manufacture, retailer, supplier, and wholesaler of different products such as pipes, poles, high mast and more. We are manufacturer of Decorative Lighting Poles.  


Decorative lighting pole are the key to urban redevelopment as they are used to lights up street and roads in the urban areas. Attractive lights poles are designed to attract people and they come in different size and shapes as per the customer’s requirement. Attractive light poles are made of steel, aluminium, concrete, and fiber glasses. They are the choice for the designer who want to give a urban look or for a city planners who wants durability and ease of maintenance. 

These light poles comes in different bases such as structural decorative base, clamshell decorative base, and FHWA accepted decorative base. These attractive lights poles are available in different structure and different designs. These lighting poles are famous as lamp posts and they are manufactured in such way that to be used at tapered and fluted walkway and even in street and footpath as the street lighting poles. Use of steel and aluminum are the material of choice for attractive light poles. Attractive lighting poles are crafted with different design on steel, aluminum, and wood. If customers are in need of making specifications to these poles in terms of design then we recommend to use wooden poles to craft specific design to fulfill customers requirement. 

Typical application of these attractive poles include downtown areas, street lighting, park areas, parking lots, residential developments, train depots and stations, historical renovations, college campuses, hotels and resorts, commercial strips centers, and restaurants. Some features of attractive light poles are they are available in low cost, they are attractive as they are stylish, they are lighter in weight, the erection of attractive light poles is robust in nature, these lights are available in different modern design and structures, and these poles are available in different size and shapes. These attractive light poles are design in new innovative designs by using modern technology.


Outdoor lighting can be used as street lights, footpaths lights, garden, at a roadside or on a highway, at public places, at museums, and community halls or homes. Decorative Outdoor pole lighting is used to attract people, and they come in different size, shapes, and color and having a specific unique feature. Different types of outdoor lights are floodlights, landscape lights, motion sensor lights, and spotlights. All these outdoor lights have their importance and purpose of use in various areas. 

Choosing the right outdoor lighting pole for yourself which can be used with the height and size to fix it at outdoor. Outdoor lighting poles come with a different structure such as smooth round tapered, round tapered fluted, circular conical or flat round. The outdoor lighting poles are set up using light fixtures such as Acorn, Colonial, Lantern, and Contemporary. LEDs are recommended to be used over traditional lighting system in outdoor lighting poles. Below are some of the advantage of using Outdoor LED lighting poles:

The change in the way of living is changed due to the use of the latest technology. Use of this technology is energy efficient. Use of LEDs have improved visibility with much brighter cool temperature, and it is 90% more efficient than the fluorescent bulbs that last no longer. The LED needs no maintenance, and they are energy efficient. LED allows judging accurate in darkness as it gives clear visibility.

While the fluorescent bulbs are orange or yellow in color and provide less visibility than LED lights, the intensity of light is superior to only one can recognize anything in that area. Use of LED roadside reduces the risk of happening something wrong. LEDs allow identifying people and its vehicle in an instance of accident or attack.  


LED street lighting,

Business and College Campuses,

Community Footpaths and Trails,

Parking lots and Garages,

Garden and Outdoor Attractions,

An addition to the security system,

Apartments Complexes, and

Athletic fields 

Prevent different light FIXTURES and light poles from rusting.

Rusted light fixtures don’t look good and create an unappealing eyesore. Fortunately, we are having a couple of key points to follow to prevent light fixtures from rusting. The question arises in on mind is that “Why do lighting poles rust?”. The reason behind this is different in many terms. 

Mostly it is difficult to stop or prevent the lights poles from getting rust. Basically, rust is a natural electrochemical process that occurs when metals return to their raw state. Rust occurs, all it takes is a combination of iron, oxygen, and moisture which present indoor and outdoor. When they come together iron loses electrons in exchange of oxygen atoms - a process known as Oxidation. The oxidation process leads to rust of poles.

The one way to prevent them from rusting 

The easiest solution is buying rust-resistant fixture prevents the light fixture from rusting. One can hardly find rust-resistant lighting fixtures. Many metal fixtures are coated with baked enamel that protects them against corrosion. The coating of fixtures works but for some interval of time. These light fixtures are to be made truly rust resistant and need no maintenance. There is no need for painting and polishing them. Since there are made of linear low-density polyethylene resin.     

How to remove rust stains

Imagine that you have already bought light fixture that has rusted. now what? There are some steps that you can try and remove rust stains. In some cases it is impossible to remove stains without damaging the surface of the fixture. 

Below are some points you can follow to remove stains:
Wipe them up with a clean cloth to remove any dust, debris, etc.

To remove stain soak a cloth into vinegar and use it to rub stains. It would take more time and efforts to remove stains as acidic content of vinegar helps you break down mild stains. 

Creating of mixture of baking soda and a little bit of water so that you get a paste like consistency. Coat the stained surface area with baking soda for 30 minutes and then try to rub out the stain. You may need to repeat this process several time.

Another similar process that involves mixing of lemon juice and cream of tartar to create a paste. Apply them to surface and the use a plastic scrub pad to remove stain. 

Sometimes use of the toothpaste to scrub stains can be used as abrasive cleaner that may help if the above method do not work.  

What to do when existing light poles are rusting?

The common place where you would find rust on a pole is at a bottom of the pole. As the bottom of poles mostly wears and tear. This is where dogs do pee, weed whackers take a stab at the exterior and sprinklers regularly sprat their mist. So changing the poles which got corrode at the bottom is a bad idea as you can rebase them. So there are different options that are clamshell or drop-over for creating a new base . 

Attractive light poles and base covers.

Attractive light poles are available in wider range of variety of shapes, characteristics, and colors. As a lighting purpose, attractive lighting poles are can be of many types such as top lighting and poles with angular brackets, circular brackets, and conical or stepped from. Attractive light poles are made in such a way that they attract people. Attractive light poles and base covers add style and elegance to any areas. 

Attractive light poles base comes in smooth poles or fluted poles. For achieving a historical look commonly in downtown areas, parks, homeowner, associations attractive lights are perfect solution to them. They are designed to stand alone in any conditions and perform well with the endless variety of fixtures, arms and accessories. These attractive light poles are available in different size they can be in 8-16 feet tall or more but the quality of the lights poles are maintained. The attractive lighting poles can be of many types depending on the customer’s requirement and the purpose of use. The attractive lighting poles are light in weight and they are corrosion resistant. The attractive light poles can be of round tapered or round straight in shape.  

The attractive light poles are available in different designs ranging from modern design patterns to contemporary design patterns. Light poles can be categorized as Steel light poles, the laser poles, the plug pole, FRP light poles, and spun-concrete light poles. All attractive light poles have their own importance and usage in every areas. Steel light poles are less expensive and hence save money for further better replacements. Steel poles are also colored, designed and manufactured in a different size. The laser poles are used as signaling something that as a street lights. The plug pole is constructed with wood, stainless steel, or concrete. And FRP light poles are made of fiberglass plastic type material that promotes extensive safety for the motorist in a  passive way. Hence, they all are different from each others.  

  The attractive lighting pole and its different categories. 

Attractive lighting poles are used to decorate historical or famous places. Lighting poles are available in different design and structure as they are designed in the presence of the expert with help modern machine. The lighting poles can be used for different purposes such as depending on top lighting and poles with angular brackets, circular brackets, and conical form. 

They can be categorized as below:

Steel light poles - less expensive hence easy to replace them. The quality of steel used to manufacture them guarantees a long lasting life. They are rust proof as they are colored and designed to make surrounding look good.

The laser poles - these poles are crafted with high-quality material and designed to stand steady. The welding process is involved in manufacturing these poles which reduces corrosion. 

The plug poles - These poles are constructed with wood, stainless steel or concrete. To stand alone against natural calamities the use of concrete is done. They are coated with iron which protects them from getting rust.

FRP poles - Poles need no maintenance and are highly stable as made of fiberglass plastics materials. These poles are corrosion resistant and have the strength to stand alone in any situation. They come with an ultraviolet resistant coating.

Spun-concrete light poles - Poles are scratch resistant and have the ability to absorb shocks. These poles are harsh to environment condition and so they are extremely resistant. Poles are made of spun concrete and so these poles are known asSpun-concrete light poles. They are available at affordable price and they can also afford loads. Spun-concrete light poles are available in round, rectangle, and polygonal shapes. 

All lighting poles are used for different purpose. Some of the application of attractive lighting poles :

The main street of highways and roads,


Town areas and streets,

Parking areas,

Different halls of communities,

Museums, and more. 

How to choose outdoor lighting fixtures and about them?

To add beauty, safety, and security to your home by using outdoor lighting it is an easy and cost-effective task. Choosing the right light fixtures for your home’s exterior and interior is the best part to understand how to select a light fixture for your garden, deck and yard. Below are some tips for choosing outdoor lighting fixtures.

Tip 1 Decide the size and position to install 
There are different light fixtures are available, and use of them to decorate the exterior of a home is done. There are some common light fixtures listed below instructing how to install them.

Pendant  & Hanging Porch lights - To install this lighting fixture first you have determined the size and place install them. To determine installation height the bottom of the fixture should be six inches above the top of your front door. To determine fixture size divide the height of your front door by five. The use of pendant lights is commonly done by using chain, wire, cable, and stem hanging method to hung them. When they are hanged as an outdoor pendant, you should consider the length of wire, cable, or stem.

Over Front door wall lights - You should determine the size, placement, and installation of exterior flush mount light fixtures before installation  The illumination of the light fixture depends on the type of door frame you use. Be aware to multiple if you have double doors by ? rd to receive ideal length. For the single door, you should increase door frame width by ? th. The depth or installation height should leave at least 6 inches of clearance above the top of the door. 

Front Door and Garages wall lights - To determine best size of fixture multiply the height of the front and side door by 1/4th width of the door. If you are using an oversized design style fixture the multiply by 1/3rd, these lights should be installed at 66 inches from the center of the installation straight down to the floor.

Lamppost & fence lights -  Mounted secured at least 1.5 to 2 feet below the surface of your grass. The pole used should have 8 feet height. These poles should be 5.5 to 6.5 feet inches open wide. So it should be mounted at 18 to 24 inches tall.

Tip 2 UL Wet or UL Damp scores

Selecting an outdoor fixture which stands up to humidity and moisture is recommended. The Underwriter Laboratory(UL)  assigns scores based on the light fixture’s locations as damp or wet. UL damp rating means the light fixture suited for humid and moist locations. While UL wet rating means the light fixture adapted for all areas with direct contact with snow, ocean spray, and more.

Tip 3 Types of lights, purpose and location

Available in various forms depending on the purpose of use and placement. Different outdoor lights such as ceiling lights, pendant and chandelier lights, flood lights, wall sconces, landscape lighting, and solar lights. They all are used for different purpose and areas.

Tip 4 Quality material and finishing of lights
These lights are made of materials such as brass, aluminum, ceramic, and copper. All of them have their importance of use. Brass can stand alone at coastal regions without corrosion and can last for many years. While the use of Aluminium cannot be done at coastal areas as they corrode quickly. Use of ceramic in outdoor lights is a unique decorating approach for home exteriors, and they are weather resistant.

Tip 5 Styles & control
Outdoor lights are available in various style including the most popular such as antique, modern, nautical, and rustic. You can choose from this various style of lights. You can also control outdoor lights by using a dimmer, timers, motion sensors, etc. as per requirement to control these lights.

Tip 6 Special considerations and maintenance
While choosing lights you should consider the type of bulb, it is energy efficient or not, the glow or brightness of the lamp in dark sky, if possible use solar lights. Maintenance of these light should be done at a regular time interval. Replacement of broken or burn-out bulbs, fix or replace damaged light fixtures, trim bushes or tree branches to prevent light obstacles.    

 Use of Decoration lights, its advantage and disadvantages. 

Decoration lights are used to decorate historical or famous places. These lights can be used for different purposes such as depending on top lighting and poles with angular brackets, circular brackets, and conical form. These lights are available in different designs ranging from present patterns to past patterns. These poles are manufactured in such a way to be used as a tapered and fluted walkway and even in the street and footways as a street lighting pole. These decoration lights come in a variety of shapes, colour and design.

The decoration lights can be categorized as a steel light pole, the laser pole, the plughole, FRP light pole, and spun-concrete pole. These light poles have there owned specific features. They all are different from each other and they have some unique features. Some of the features of these lights are that easy to install and cost-effective, available in different rates, lighter in weight, long-lasting and can stand alone in any condition, available in new trending designs and also available in traditional designs, and these poles come in different shapes and sizes.

Below are the disadvantages of decoration lights:
These lighting poles can cause a problem for vehicle drivers as the uses of the traditional lighting system is done
Use of more lighting poles with light will cause light pollution which adversely affects the nature which leads to disturbance in a migration of birds and change in astronomical roles of a star.
If they are upgraded to new lighting process, then it increases the cost of replacement.

Some of the uses of these poles are done in the main street of highways, parks, town areas and street, parking areas, at different halls and halls of communities, and museums.   


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