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All Seeing Eye Chrome Add-on Runs Text Searches of Your Entire Browser History

We use our browsers daily and at a certain point, we might want to find that interesting website that we accessed a few months ago. But by using the default browser history is either too difficult or almost impossible to do that. That’s why this Chrome extension is so awesome. The All Seeing Eye add-on indexes all text in your Web history, letting you run text searches.
All Seeing Eye indexes all of the text of every page you visit in Chrome and even captures a screenshot of each page you visit for a quick visual search of your Web history. The default Web history tells you only the URL and title of each Web page you have visited but with the Chrome extension All Seeing Eye, your Web history expands to include all of the text of every page you have visited along with screenshots.
The moment after you install the All Seeing Eye from the Chrome Web Store, the extension starts indexing all of the text of every page you visit and capturs screenshots. So, when you select Show A…
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Todoed Chrome Extension Simplifies Your Work by Converting Text into Tasks

If you are working online most of the time and also syncing up with colleagues, it is most likely that you would come across a lot of litter which would harm the productivity. As we are already aware, Internet can be a large ocean of distraction and managing your tasks and schedule is of prime importance. I have been using a handful of task managers and calendar apps over the years, and although they do help me on utility front, it sure takes some time to get about it.

What to do When Your Gmail Account is Full

According to Google, those 10 GB of free offered storage should be more than enough for an average person, who receives mails on a daily basis. Well, when one discovers that “average” is not exactly a word defining its personality, or its inbox, issues appear. Filling up 10 GB of space just with emails is not an easy task but, we’ve found that this happens, and usually to people who are unaware about why their Gmail account is getting filled up. Technically, when your Google Mail Inbox is almostfull, Gmail will bounce all incoming emails and will also stop the owner from sending any new messages, while completely taking control over the situation. Thus, filled Gmail accounts become useless due to storage issues and there are only a few good suggestions to get it back in a working stage.
Gmail is FULL? No problem

Download and Install Windows 7 XP Mode + Usage Guide

Windows 7 Launch is just around the corner with less than 2 days left and I am sure many of us are raring to upgrade your OS to Windows 7 very soon. Also, some of us are little skeptical of making a move right now since it is not clear if all the software they have installed on Windows XP or Windows Vista are compatible with Windows 7 as well. Not to worry, with the release of Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate editions, Microsoft is including a little utility called XP Mode. XP Mode is a virtual machine running Windows XP on Windows 7. Microsoft is giving us XP mode (XPM) as a means to having a fully modern computing environment (via Windows 7) without having to sacrifice legacy support (of Windows XP). Below is a simple usage guide to get started with XP mode.
XP Mode on Windows 7 – Usage Guide1. Enable Hardware VirtualizationFirst thing you need to do is, check if your CPU has hardware virtualization support enabled. This is a MUST HAVE for XP Mode to be enabled. To ch…

Check If Your PC Can Run Windows XP Mode in Windows 7

Last week we had seen how to install and use XP Mode in Windows 7. I had mentioned that one must check if the CPU has hardware virtualization support enabled or not. I had posted links to Intel and AMD’s sites to do that. Luckily, Microsoft has come out with the Hardware-Assisted Virtualization Detection Tool to give the user exact information if Hardware-Assisted Virtualization is supported by the computer and if it is enabled in the Bios.

Guide to Install Windows 8 on VirtualBox

Microsoft released a developer preview of Windows 8 last night and surprisingly made it available for general public too. Though this brand new OS is half-baked and is meant to be used by developers to build apps for Windows 8, it’s way too tempting for a non-developer to let go the opportunity to get the first taste of a hot & sexy OS.
Not to worry, we have a detailed yet simple guide to help you install and test-drive Windows 8 on your existing PC using a free to use virtualization software called VirtualBox. Though there are other VM (virtual machine) software like VMware Workstation and Virtual PC, I would advice you to go with VirtualBox as I have been getting reports of failed installations on VMware and Virtual PC, possible because Windows 8 requires IO APIC enabled to run on VMs, which is available only on VirtualBox.

[How to] Enable God Mode on Windows 8

I have been using Windows 8 as my secondary operating system with Ubuntu for a long time now and sometimes I find Windows 8 a bit confusing in terms of finding the settings and control panel. There are many windows which are to be opened to get into the main settings area. There was the God Mode feature in Windows Vista and Windows 7 when I used to use it where I had the control over all the settings in the operating system in a single window itself. I tried this method on Windows 8 and it worked out. Well if you are using Windows 7 or Windows 8 you can use this method and have better control over your PC/Laptop.