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Industry Latest News
May 10, 2015, ABM-BIN Report
In 2012, the business-to-business media andinformationindustry grew 3.4 percent, from $24.66 billion in 2011 to $25.49billion in 2012, according to Association of Business Media (ABM)latest latest Business Information Network Report!  Theindustryposted slightly higher revenues in the second half of the year ($13.1billion) than the first ($12.4 billion), as growth stood at 1.3%overall when adjusted for inflation. While inflation-adjusted revenueshave grown for at least a couple of years now, they stillhaven'trecovered to 2008's high of $28.7 billion.  Lookingatrevenue streams from advertising in 2012 versus 2008, the reportdemonstrates that one things hasn't changed over the years:tradeshows remain the largest revenue contributor, at 46% share.Lastyear, print accounted for 29% of revenues, down from 37% in 2008, withdigital (16% vs. 9%) and data (business information: 9% vs. 6%) growingto offset print's decline.  On a year-over-yearbasis,digital advertising experienced the most rapid growth in 2012, of15.9%. Data grew by 7.3% and trade shows by 4.4%, as print advertisingdeclined by 4.8%.

Ask our Experts on Selling  Intellectual Property Assets
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CompanyLatest News

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StreamInformation Brokers received the 2013 Best in Business Award asthe recognition of company achievements in Digital Marketing, DigitalAdvertising, Digital Multimedia Promotions.

Best in Business Award by Houston Chamber of Commerce

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May11, 2015    You are invited to the grand -reopening theStream Info Brokers company website after totalmakeover andlatest  upgrades!   Those upgrades include the Brand New online, virtual Nws, Media Press Center to replace thenewsroom!

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 May17, 2015 StreamInformation Brokers invites the news editors, news reporters,journalists, bloggers, writers to connect with Top Experts on SubjectsMatter for pricess help in the more fast, simple and easy researchingthe background info on the news stories!  The media Kits for eachexpert with ready  for printing pressreleases, other info onexperts would be available for instant  download at our PressCenter Webpage!  It is coming soon!

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