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Alachua Freenet Email Sunset Date Set for December 31, 2019

成人动漫hAFN Email service will be shutting down December 31, 2019. Anyone stillusing AFN email needs to find an alternative now. We've had problems withthe email service for some time now, but we hope restore the service brieflyso that anyone who needs to get at their AFN email to notify contacts orupdate any services that do notification or authentication via AFN emailaddresses.

成人动漫hRemember, this applies only to the email service. The AFN webserver willremain online.

Friday, June 7, 2019

Well That's Embarrassing

With profoundest apologies for the long hiatus, your longsuffering adminshave finally gotten AFN.ORG back on the air. The server's been up, but withno DNS, so unless you had the IP addresses memorized not a whole lot wasgoing to be reachable. Turns out to have been a small but in retrospectglaringly obvious syntax error introduced during some recent DNStroubleshooting. Again, deep, heartfelt, and somewhat embarrassed apologiesfor the long outage.

Reminder: Please be hunting for an alternate Email provider!

Anyone still using AFN as their primary or only email service reallyneeds to be shopping around for an alternative. UF IT Security is still keenon our shutting down the email server, both because of ongoing hackedaccounts and email spamming that are hard for our volunteer sysadmin staffto track down and squash in a timely manner, and because the Universityfrowns on having non-University entities' servers on its network. Yourprimary sysadmin made the jump to Gmail some time ago and has been prettyhappy with it. There are other free alternatives out there, and most ISPs(Cox and ATT, for example) offer email sevice with their basic Internetconnectivity.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Recent Security Issues

The email service is back on the air after some major security issues. Auserid was compromised, and an illicit cryptocurrency mining package wasinstalled under that userid. It took quite a while to eradicate the lastvestiges of the coin miner malware, and during that effort UF IT Securityhad us blocked from outside access. The malware is now gone, and severalside issues that were found have been fixed.

Reminder: Uncertain Future of AFN's Email service

The administrators would like to reiterate that AFN's email service isliving on borrowed time. UF IT Security would like to see the service goaway, for the reasons mentioned in our post last summer; the University doesnot like having a non-University email server within its network. We wouldencourage AFN users to migrate away from using AFN's email service.

Upcoming System Maintenance

Sometime in the next couple of weeks, we will be upgrading the AFN serverto a new operating system. This work shouldn't take more than a day, and isnecessary from time to time to keep up with security patches and upgradedversions of server software. We will announce the date when it'sscheduled.

Purge of Inactive User Accounts

Having thousands of dormant user accounts just sitting and doing nothingis wasteful of system resources and a potential security exposure.Therefore, we are planning on purging inactive user accounts later this spring. Ifthere has been no shell login and no email login in the past couple of yearswe will archive the account's home directory and delete the account.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

We're back!

The most recent set of security updates went sidewise and wiped out partof the system's configuration, and several weeks of slim to nonexistentsysadmin free time added up to an extended outage. We've got the systemconfiguration put back together again, and all services are up.

NEWS FLASH: Probable sunset of the AFN email service

It's been a long couple of decades, but the time is most likelyapproaching that we will have to discontinue the AFN email service. Thereare several free or low-cost email services out there that didn't exist whenAFN was first brought into being. The University's administration and ITSecurity staff are concerned by the existence of a non-UF email server runby part time volunteer admins residing within UF's IP address space.Occasionally, when one or another email problem or compromise lands AFN onsomeone's blacklist service listing, the University's entire IP block windsup tainted. Neither AFN nor the University want to see that happen goingforward.

We have not set a specific date for the end of AFN email service, but weare encouraging the user community to begin migrating to alternative emailproviders.

At this time we do not expect any impact on the AFN web server; it willremain for as long as UF will allow us to reside in the data center.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Happy New Year!

Apologies for the delay, but we've FINALLY gotten the email service moreor less reconfigured and restarted. BRACE YOURSELVES for a period ofextremely high mail activity as the weeks long backlog of undeliverableemails finally gets delivered. We know there'll undoubtedly be a bit of spaminvolved but we hope that updated spam filter utilities will start learningand rejecting the bad stuff sooner rather than later.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

We're working on getting the email service configured but we're runninginto some snags. Hopefully things will be resolved before too long and we'llget everything back up, but we can't give a firm time for restoration of theemail service.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

System Migration in Progress - Please Be Patient!

The AFN server has decided it is no longer going to boot. So, rather thanputting any more time and effort into keeping that very old, ratherunderpowered platform limping along, the decision has been taken to moveahead with migrating to the new, much faster, much higher capacity serverplatform.

The migration will involve moving the old server's external RAID array tothe new server, copying all user data over to the new server's internal RAIDarray, and configuring the web and email services on the new server. Theentire process is liable to take several days. Please watch this page forupdates as we make progress on the migration.

Update 1

The webserver is now configured correctly. We're starting the ratherlarge task of copying all the user data from the old external RAID array to the newserver's internal RAID array. As each users's data is copied to the newarray, any web pages should become accessible.

Update 2

User data has been moved to the new RAID array and all user websitesshould now be back up. We're now working on getting the email serverconfigured and the mailboxes copied over.