Why eCommerce is More Important Than Ever Before

by / ?Finding Customers / June 12, 2020

The global pandemic caused by COVID-19 has disrupted almost every type of business out there. Stay-at-home orders and lockdowns have halted retail foot traffic down to zero. Customers have shifted their behavior in favor of digital technologies which allow them to navigate through this difficult time. The landscape for business owners has been forever changed by this event. We’ll explore some reasons why your business needs to make…

How Reading Skills Influence Your Learning Performance?

by / ?Career Advice / June 1, 2020

Do you think that your reading skills have a powerful impact on your overall learning abilities and, consequently, your academic performance? Well, they do. And let us prove this hypothesis with some facts. However, before telling you about the interrelation between reading and learning, let me introduce the term ‘self-efficacy.’ In the educational context, it means that as a student, you take ownership of your learning, know your…

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