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Bore Repair Systems, Inc. products seen on       "American Loggers" reality television program

在线日本v二区不卡, INC.  is the designer and manufacturer of the ORIGINAL BOA series patented automatic bore welding system for restoring worn bores on all types of equipment.   ?Automatic bore welding with our BOA saves an average of 70% time savings over hand welding and 50% time savings for bore machining.   The logically designed BOA bore repair system has quickly become the industry favorite for automatic bore repair on all types of Caterpillar, Case, Komatsu, Deere, LeTourneau and all other brands of earth moving equipment.   The BOA-408i is uncomplicated, quick to learn and virtually indestructible.  ?The BOA-408i bore welder features a unique patented quick release clutch system and telescopic modular torch & extension system so positioning the welding head is fastest with a BOA-408i.    BOA-408i owners are able to be welding their bores in minutes not hours.  ? Bore Repair Systems customers enjoy years of trouble free use as there are no complex proprietary electronic controls in our welders or boring bars. It is comforting to know that spare parts and consumables are available locally at a reasonable price.  Don't be fooled by imitators into purchasing complication and gadgets at a high price.    At the end of the day what is important is owning the proven machine that will operate for decades while providing top quality results with a minimum of effort and expense.   You want a machine that you will not forget how to operate if you do not use it for a week.   ? The elegantly simple BOA system is designed and has been perfected by actual you'll learn it quick and never forget how to run it.   Although free training is included with any Bore Repair System, at any time, very few actually end up requiring it.    Bore Repair Systems, Inc. is proud to be your source for the finest integrated bore welders, boring bars, bore sizers, service, training and support at the lowest prices.     Buy a system that those who know a Bore Repair System.   

Please read what some of our satisfied customers have to say about our products below:


John of North Pole, AK states: "I purchased my BOA bore welder about 6 years ago, and have been extremely pleased with it.  It has been inexpensive to run and does not require costly annual rebuilds>I can get many of the consumables I need at the local welding equipment shop. I'm very happy with the BOA, and have put on many many hours and its done great for us."

Joe L. of Houston, TXstates: "I just wanted to call and say how pleased I am with the BRS3 system I purchased from you.  It is everything you said it was. I am very pleased with it, thank you."

Peter M. of Jamaica

states: "The Bore Repair System <BOA bore welder and boring machine> I purchased works great. You have a very good product."

Steve V. of Elko, Nevada

states: "we absolutely love our BOA has saved us tons of time on our <mining & construction> equipment bore excellent machine"

Mike J. of Calumet, Minnesota

states: "my BOA gives me a 90 percent time savings over hand bore welding, and a 75 percent machining time savings. It is quite a works so well I feel like I owe you more money!"

Mike J. UPDATE:5 years later, MJ called us again and said "I wouldn't trade my BOA borewelder for anything!"

Dan A. of Oklahoma City, OK

states: "I've had my BOA borewelder for over a year now, and it works like a dream.  I'm very pleased with its performance." "It runs slick as a whistle."

Ed Z. of Medford, NY

states: "Your BOA borewelder works fabulously; your engineers did a marvelous job of designing it; it could not be more simple to use and set up."

Terry H. of St. Louis, MO

states: "We've put well over 900 hours so far on our BOA borewelder since purchasing it, and it has been holding up awesomly...a great machine."

Dan A. of Oklahoma City, OK

states: (after 5 years of ownership of his BOA) "I use my BOA borewelder all the time, and am considering adding a second system soon.  It has been an excellent addition to my business, and always works for me, and does a great job."

Joe M. of Mound City, KS

states: "We love the machines we purchased from Bore Repair Systems. They are wonderful units, and we have been using them on all types of bore repairs for a long time now."

Marty of Fultonville, NY

states: "The BOA borewelders are extremely user friendly and the guys like to use it.  We used to have the other brand, and it didnt work out well for us.  It was also so complicated, no one would use it, and it ended up sitting in the corner for years."

Steve of Joplin, MO states: "I'm amazed at how well my BOA system works."

"Bore repair is truly made easy with Bore Repair Systems products"

CORPORATE MISSIONWe recognized what was lacking in the bore repair industry: logical & reliable

Bore Repair Systems mission from day one was to design, develop, manufacture and sell the finest, most logically designed products for bore repair, at the very best prices. We take time listening to what your requirements are, then set out to put together the right system for you.  We are an innovative, responsive company that works closely with our customers and staff in the field to develop and test new products and ideas.  Because Bore Repair Systems products are so logically designed, easy to use and reliable, our customers are among the most efficient and profitable in the bore repair field. We enjoy what we do and take the time to share our real world bore repair experience helping educate you to make the most informed decision when it comes to choosing the right Bore Repair System.

Bore Repair Systems, Inc.'s patented, CE approved ultra user-friendly products offer a number of special features making them the number one choices in bore repair.  From our innovative pass-through drive design to our ultra-simple simple user interface and unique clutch allowing flush end welds, BRS's ever expanding product line serves a multitude of industries including construction, mining, shipbuilding and plant maintenance.

The best and we prove it. Bore Repair Systems, Inc.'s is proud of our very popular free "try-before-you-buy" program.  Since 1998 this program has helped customers realize the benefits of the BOA bore repair systems firsthand, before actually purchasing the system. We also offer several creative financing and lease programs, and accept most major credit cards.





Our NH USA office is open Monday- Friday from 8.00AM to 5.00PM eastern time. You may reach our USA fax 24 hours per day.  For international salesoffice emails please visit our links page.


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MORE ABOUT US: Bore Repair Systems, Inc. is a family owned and operated company based in New Hampshire, USA. We manufacture and sell automated bore welders, precision bore sizers and provide turnkey welding/boring systems that are the systems of choice when quality, durability, ease of use and reliability are of key importance. We were established in 1995, and several of the founders were involved in the bore repair industry as early as 1988. Our team enjoys helping people interested in the repairing of worn bores on all kinds of parts and equipment, in the most logical way. Bore Repair Systems, Inc., has grown over the years to become a key provider of comprehensive, on-site bore repair solutions. The company is quick in responding to new industry requirements and continues to develop, manufacture and offer new, innovative and time-saving products to better serve clients worldwide. NH, VT, MA, ME, NE, FL, VA, WVA, GA, SC, NC, MD, DE, CT, NY, NJ, RI, OH, MI, LA, TN, IL, MI, KY, AL